Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure Explained In Simple Words

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Every teenager has to go through with the excruciating pain of wisdom tooth. These teeth are 3rd molars in the set of teeth and often comes out at the very end. A wisdom tooth often causes immense pain while popping out due to the fact that there is very little space left in the mouth and no space left for new teeth. This situation is traumatizing for any person as it causes pain and immense discomfort to the person. People often opt for wisdom tooth removal procedure as it can other oral health problems if not extracted at the right time. Many people have the impression that the wisdom tooth removal procedure is very painful but in reality, it is not true at all. Dentists have now developed painless procedures for this tooth extraction and even though it costs more it gets done literally in half a day.

The procedure of wisdom tooth removal in chatswood was highly painful in past but now dentists have developed a method to make it painless. The procedure is not a complicated process and can get done in very little time. The wisdom teeth appear at the back corners of the mouth and often have no space for growing and as a result, it causes immense pain and various health concerns. Even if it doesn’t cause any discomfort, mostly dentists recommend getting it removed to avoid health complications in the future. If you want to get this procedure done but are still unfamiliar with how it takes place, keep on reading.

  • Anesthesia

Wisdom tooth removal surgery is a minor surgery but sometimes the teeth in setting deep in the gums and may require some precautionary measures. The patient is given anesthesia to make the gums numb but if the patient becomes highly agitated then other options can be explored. There are three types of anesthesia that include local anesthesia, sedation anesthesia and general anesthesia. The selection of the anesthesia may depend on the tolerance level of the patient.

  • Surgery

The dentist performs the surgery of wisdom tooth removal after the patient becomes unconscious or numb. He makes a very minor incision cut on the gum from where the tooth is deep-set and opens up the area of the gum. The then carefully removes the tooth either whole or in several pieces depending on the severity. After the tooth is removed completely, the dentist then stitches up the area and sterilize it with proper equipment.

  • After-math

After the surgery is done, the patient is kept under the supervision for several hours and then discharged. The patient is given some pain relief medicines and sedation medicines that are necessary for the next several days. The patient is told to take soft food for some days so the healing takes place rapidly. Wisdom tooth removal surgery patient recovers fully after a week and can carry out daily life chores without any hassle.Please visit our website sydneysmilesdental.com.au for further information.