Yoga Stretches

Yoga is an old discipline or an art which started from India before 5,000 years. It is both spiritually and physically. It uses breathing processes, exercises and meditation.

How can it keep us healthy

It helps to keep us healthy and balanced, the main purpose of yoga is to keep us aware and helps to have peace in both the mind and body and of course our soul. It relieves our stress and make our mind fresh and new to begin a good start at a day. It brings our inner and outer peace. It also helps in the flexibility of the body and increasing muscle strength and makes our body powerful balanced and fit and body tone.

The number of benefits

There are many benefits of yoga such as, it improves body language, boosts our metabolism, increases muscle strength and body flexibility and blood flow, keeps diseases away and helps in lowering blood sugar level much. Practicing massage can delay aging. Performing ‘power poses’ can improve your self-esteem. Practicing yoga can help you lose weight and keep us fit. Diabetes patients can help to control their condition by regularly practicing yoga in brighton le sands.Yoga in the workplace can help to improve productivity.

Yoga is best done five times at week and it should be performed in the morning because the best peace is in the morning while at sunrise.

The rules in every yoga class

When you go to massage classes there are several rules followed like, not chat a lot that means you chat with the teacher or the mates but not a lot,majorly a yoga room stays quiet for peace and some more rules like travel light, leave the electronics such as mobile and earphones at home so that you don’t use there and be calm, we should be on time and don’t leave the class early and share the space between your yoga mates and perform yoga.

There are several poses to perform in massage which are main to perform to get the best benefit from it. First of all there is child pose, the child pose is mostly use for calmness and softness of the body,then there is  downward facing dog pose and plank pose. Some more poses like triangle pose, then there is tree pose, cobra pose, mountain pose, and forward fold pose.

A person who who does yoga can solve their problems very easily, peacefully. Almost most of the women do yoga in this world and people aged 30 till 40 group do mostly yoga rather than other aged group. Teaching yoga is becoming a very professional career now a days. The word massage comes from sanskrit language which is literally called union. Yoga is now an active sport which mainly helps to ease depression and it can boost your ego.For more information visit